Should you Buy Stocks that recently reached All-Time highs?

25/05/2017 | Bursa & Investitii | 2,443 views

Jim Cramer is one of CNBC’s top stocks analysts and a former hedge fund manager. In an edition of Mad Money, Cramer explained that he is often inclined to buy stocks that have reached fresh all-time highs, providing they have been rising consistently, and have pulled back since reaching their latest high point:

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“When I’m ready to establish a position, I wait for a pullback to come that’s at least 5 percent down,” Cramer said.

His reasoning is simple: in order to reach new peaks, a company has to continuously keeps its performance levels high – and such behavior is not likely to change fast. In case you agree with Cramer’s approach, I gathered a list of very known companies, which reached new all-time highs recently:

* Figures above are as of 17/05/2017. Up-to-date figures can be found on the Trade Markets page.
* All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose.
* The information above is not investment advice.

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